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It’s only fair that I reply to Tony’s last post with my own lists of best movies ever, and my favorite movies. So, here goes….

Best Movies Ever
10. On The Waterfront: Brando at his best, classic in every since of the word.
9.Saving Private Ryan
8.High Noon: Perfect tension, perfect real time drama, perfect casting. I love Grace Kelly
7.Trois Colours: Kieslowski’s classic trilogy of Red, Blue, and White. If you haven’t seen this, drop whatever you are doing and watch them now!
6.Citizen Kane
5.The Lord of the Rings trilogy
4.The Godfather parts 1 and 2.
3.The Searchers: Greatest Western of all time.
2.Modern Times: Charlie Chaplin at his absolute best.

My Favorite Movies
10.Tommy Boy
8.The Count of Monte Cristo
6.What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
5.The Thin Man/ The Thin Man Returns
4.To Catch a Thief
2.Saving Private Ryan

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