Love Motivates

Only one of the twelve disciples had the courage to show up at the crucifixion of Jesus. Judas had already sold out. Peter had already been broken by his betrayal. Fear scattered the rest. But John who spoke of love more than any New Testament writer, stuck with Jesus until the end. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that John stood his ground. (Many thanks to Frank Viola in his book From Eternity to Here for opening up this idea) The truth is that the only true motivator in our lives is to be deeply and truly loved. Fear motivates for a while, but in the end causes us to run away from rather than to what matters most. Money can motivate us but as Judas found, will utlimately leave us empty. Love motivates us to follow. Love will allow us to face our fears and will calm our doubts. Love alone can lead us to the type of obedience that is not poisoned by legalism. May we all love well, from the depths of love that God has poured into our souls.

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6 thoughts on “Love Motivates

  1. Yes!
    Exactly, to Live out the Gospel & not just talk about it. God loves like no other we have known and with total acceptance. He sees us truly as we are and yet everything He does is for us out of love, that's part of His glory; all engulfing love. Jesus moved every moment in love from his initial action to willingly leave His throne to come teach, heal, guide, and love daily….with His final sacrafice dripping of the deepest love ever! When we receive & rest in God's love….only then can we share what we have been so graciously shown….that IS how we follow Jesus & become a likeness of His Image by Living the Gospel of God's Love.

  2. Wow, here I am at Easter 2015, and I have never thought about Christ love as the means of giving me the inner backbone to stand no matter what the cost might be personally. I have had a taste of this in my experience in last couple years at work, but did not understand it this way. I attributed it to trust which is akin to love. I see now though, the verses are coming, "the Love of Christ constraining me to be a Christ Follower". I have also been visualizing Christ crucifixion for me on the cross(thanks to Mel Gibson movie on Jesus) this last year in the mornings before work as I ask for forgiveness of my sins. It is all adding up. May the Lord continue to spread this message! Thanks for your part…