Love Wins (and Loses)

Jesus' Daunting Challenge

When Jesus summarized the Old Testament commandments from hundreds down to two directives, you would think that it would have made things easier for those seeking to follow God. While it makes things more clear, it does not make them easier. Love God and love your neighbor. Clear enough. But love can be tricky. My […]

When Your Inner GPS Is Broken

The Difference in Doing and Being

I lost therefore I am a loser. I failed therefore I am a failure.   Those statements seem to make sense don’t they?  If you failed, doesn’t that make you a failure? The phrases may seem logical, but they can be incredibly destructive. Using your performance at a particular moment (I failed the test. I […]

Odd Things Christians Say

There is power in the blood

There is power, power, wonder-working power In the blood of the Lamb There is power, power, wonder-working power In the precious blood of the Lamb.   This is not just an odd thing that Christians say, but an odd thing that Christians sing. The excerpt above is from the hymn “Power In The Blood”, written […]

How To Disagree

Strong Opinions and Social Media

Just this week, I read two very different tweets from two Christian leaders. The first intimated that the Bible justified actions the President was considering taking with regard to foreign policy. The other stated that the Bible supported his cry that the President should be impeached. It must be confusing to watch us Christians do […]

Odd Things Christians Say

"I'm Blessed"

One of the classic Christian go-to phrases is the ever-popular “I’m blessed”. I guess it is used to make sure that we squeeze God into the equation whenever someone asks us how we are doing. I’m not “good”, I’m blessed! It’s a way of insinuating that God had something to do with our good fortune, […]