I Need Help

Four Phrases Guaranteed To Improve Your Relationships (Part 4)

  This is the final post in a series about small phrases that can make a big difference in your relationships. The last phrase may be the most difficult, and it is definitely the one that is used the least.  These three words can make a huge difference for you at home, work, and with […]

Free From Control

The Key to Healthy Relationships

    This has been for me, the summer of Frederick Buechner. I attended the Frederick Buechner Writer’s Workshop at Princeton Theological Seminary at the beginning of summer. It reintroduced to me the power of words, and was much needed food for my soul. Since that time, I have immersed myself again in Buechner’s writings. […]

All Or Nothing (Part 2)

Embracing The Power Of Responsibility

In Part 1 of this post we talked about the dangers of being overly responsible and of being irresponsible. So, how do we avoid the extremes of taking on too much responsibility on one side, or just throwing up our hands and giving up on the other?   Be honest about the extent of your […]

How To Know If You’ve Become An Enabler (And What To Do About It)

Being an enabler (or engaging in codependent behavior) is an easy relational trap to fall into. We love the people in our relationships and we want the best for them. Sometimes we want good things for them even more than they want them for themselves. That’s when things can become unhealthy. When we enable others, […]

The Danger Of Needing Your Relationships Too Much

If you need your relationships to make you ok, you’ll never be ok. In a previous blog post, I talked about the dangers of giving too much in relationships. While being too giving in relationships is dangerous, being too needy is a problem as well. We all know someone who defines themselves by their relationships, […]