Being Carried Downstream

The Impact of God's Love

God loves you. That’s probably the most used phrase in all of Christian history. To be fair, it’s a central truth in much of Jesus’ teachings, and you would be hard pressed to find a more valuable phrase in all of the Bible.  Like many popular phrases however, this tiny declaration has been used so […]

Can You See The Reflection?

Seeing The Best In Each Other

I love it when autumn arrives each year. There are a thousand things I love about fall, the cool mornings, pumpkin flavored things, and of course, college football. It doesn’t matter who is playing. I just love the games. I love the bands on the field at halftime, and the great environment on campus on […]

When Your Inner GPS Is Broken

The Difference in Doing and Being

I lost therefore I am a loser. I failed therefore I am a failure.   Those statements seem to make sense don’t they?  If you failed, doesn’t that make you a failure? The phrases may seem logical, but they can be incredibly destructive. Using your performance at a particular moment (I failed the test. I […]

Ronda Rousey and Identity: What The Best Fighter In The World Taught Us About Life

By now most people have seen Ronda Rousey’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres. The reactions to the interview were mixed (as media reactions almost always are). I for one am grateful for her courage, and feel that her honesty was commendable. I hope her words will encourage others to admit their own struggles and challenges and […]