Dealing With Loss During the Holidays

My Dad loved to read. He was a picky reader and tended to stick to action books, mostly westerns. Of those, his favorite author was Louis L’Amour. He had most all of L’Amour’s books and read them over and over. I now have his yellowing and tattered collection of paperbacks. I try once a year […]

Practical Steps To Reduce Daily Anxiety

Life is often unpredictable. Anxiety is what we feel when the uncertainty of life becomes overwhelming. Our minds frantically bounce from one thought to the next trying to fix, repair, predict, prepare, relate, or overcome. As our inability to control everything becomes apparent, so does our discomfort. Soon the headaches, backaches, or stomach pains set […]

Facing The Unknown

How do we face an unknown future? When the people of Israel escaped their slave existence in Egypt, their challenges had just begun. There had been 70 people who initially travelled to Egypt to escape the ravages of a seven year long famine. Those were the sons of the man Israel (Jacob) and their families. […]

Constructing Your Rule of Life

Determining The Difference Between Urgent and Important

Dwight D. Eisenhower was a five star general, and served as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War 2.  He later became President of the United States and served during a tumultuous time in our history as a nation. If anyone knew something about handling time effectively it was […]

When Anxiety Takes Control

3 Ways To Find Relief

Life is unpredictable. When the twists and turns are mild the unexpected can be pleasant, but sometimes our lives are changed dramatically in ways we couldn’t have imagined. When that happens, just making it through the day becomes a challenge. Anxiety is what we feel when the uncertainty of life becomes overwhelming. Our minds frantically […]

Grief During The Holidays

A Short Video on Coping With Grief During Christmas

Grief is painful any time of the year, but the holidays can be especially difficult. I recorded a video for our church that discusses the sorts of emotions and thoughts you may be dealing with this Christmas. I hope that it will help you process your grief in a healing and redemptive way. Please feel […]

Thoughts For Maundy Thursday

Being Loved In Our Frailty

Ross King’s Leonardo and the Last Supper is an endlessly fascinating history of one of the world’s greatest artists and one of the most well-known works of art in history. You don’t have to be interested in art or especially religious to know “The Last Supper”. It’s been copied and referenced in thousands of places. […]

A Prayer For Contentment

The following prayer is from William Barclay’s “More Prayers For the Plain Man”. Though it was written in 1962, it is especially applicable today. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.     “O God, keep me from grumbling. I am quite well aware – from experience – that there is no […]

Be Back Soon!

Taking a Break

My blog is going on a brief hiatus! I’ve always enjoyed writing this blog. I hope that it is a benefit to those who read it, and if it benefits you, I hope you pass word of it along to others. I’ve struggled to supply content to the blog for the past few months. I […]

How To Survive

Encouragement for Those Who've Lost Someone To Suicide

National Suicide Awareness Day was this week and I was glad to see so many people speak out about suicide. Their encouragement to those struggling with depression was the best use of social media I have witnessed in a while. I join them in pleading with anyone who is dealing with depression or is having […]