Plotting Your Course

How Clarity Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Most people have dreams about what they would like to accomplish or become in life. We all want to do something valuable with our time. But for many people the dream remains just a dream. They struggle to attain their goals and realize their full potential. The most common problem that blocks us from reaching our preferred future isn’t a lack of ability or effort. It’s a lack of clarity. In fact, if you can clarify two simple things you will be well on your way to reaching your dreams. Those things are, where you are starting and where you want to end up.


Define Where You Are

In order to get from point A to point B, you need to have a clear understanding of where you are beginning. If you are not clear about point A, you can give up on ever reaching point B. Sometimes it’s hard to admit where we are in life. It can discourage us and make us feel that we will never accomplish anything of value. Being honest with yourself is crucial, however. It’s ok to be where you are. Everyone starts someplace. People don’t normally get their dream job at 22. Our families aren’t normally perfect from day one. Don’t beat yourself up because you are not where you want to be yet, just be honest and move on to the next step….


Define Where You Want To Go.

When we realize that we are not satisfied with where we are right now, we are ready to dream about where we would like to go. What would you like for your family to be in five years? What difference do you want to make in your community? What would you like to accomplish with your career?


It’s important when answering these questions to be specific. No one gets to the Grand Canyon by getting in the car and saying, “I think we should go somewhere out west-ish”. Be clear about where you want to go and what you want to become. That doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak your dream from time to time. As you grow, you will most likely refine your dream from time to time. But, you always need to come back to a clear picture of your destination.


Most families and organizations struggle because they either refuse to admit where they are, or they never chart a clear course to where they would like to be. By spending time contemplating these two things you can move a big step closer to achieving your dreams.